Randonneuring, Touring, Off-Road and Road Cycling

"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of mankind" - H.G. Wells

Riding in the Olympics
Single speed randonneuring around the Hood Canal 300km


My passion is randonneuring with Seattle International Randonneurs (SIR). By far the most friendly, ego-less group of cyclists I have ever met. Needless to say, long-distance unsupported riding is a constantly evolving practice and I learn a great deal with every brevet, and I enjoy it. Ride Reports here >>

No PBP in 2011...new adventures closer to home.


All my bikes are generally mongrels when it comes to components...

Resources & Other Interests


I want to ride the Great Divide, the Silk Road and more epic tours in the mountains of the world. I do want to ride around the world someday...anyone ridden from Paris to Vladivostok? Silk Road, Tibet (that ain't China!), Australia, NZ, Vietnam? Hopefully my family will join me on some journeys.

If I had ridden my bike today you could have parked here...