Randonneuring Stories
"Bre-vé'" or "Bre-vet"?

Super Randonneur Definition

Randonnée n.f. (de l'ane .fr randonner, courir rapidement) Circuit que fait le cerf, le chevreuil, aprés avoir été lancé // Course longue et généralement ininterrompue: faire une randonnée en automible (bicyclette).

The Bike
Since 2007 I'm riding a modified 2005 Rivendell Romulus or Pereira 650b Hetre for brevets. In 2001 I rode my 1980 Raleigh GS, then my 2000 Heron Road through 2006 (fixed gear in 2002 and SS for 2006).

The Big Events

2007 Paris-Brest-Paris - My second PBP was much different in every way, from weather to results. Really enjoyed the whole scene though and felt much more comfortable with it all. My Dad was able to be there, so that was a huge bonus.

2006 1000 km: I finished my first 1000 km and I was happy! It was a wonderful North Cascades route with lots of good folks and volunteers to make it all perfect. Weather was really nice and I finished under 65 hours and felt great. Made up for the C1200 ;-)

2006 Cascade 1200: Squeezed out 555 km before choosing to DNF. I had already suffered a torn ITB from the 600 km and decided that it was better to keep recovering for the 1000 km and finally get my R5000 medal. First time I ever quit a ride and it won't happen again!

2003 Paris-Brest-Paris: Run every four years by the Audax Club Parisien, Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) is a timed 1200-kilometer "randonnée" that goes from the French capital to the port city of Brest on the Atlantic, and returns along the same route. The maximum time limit to complete the distance is 90 hours. In 2003 over 4000 entrants from around the globe participated. The PBP route is quite hilly and weather can play a factor, but it's not really any different than our PNW brevets.

2003 Raid Pyreneen: The Raid is a French 'permanent' run by the Cyclo Club Bernais - a 720 km route from Hendaye on the Atlantic through the Pyrenees to Cerbere on the Mediterranean, with a time limit of 100 hours. It includes 18 cols, including the Col d'Aubisque, Col de Soulor, the Tourmalet, Col D'Aspin, Col de Peyresourde, Col d'Ares, Col de Buret, Col de Portet D'Aspet, Col de Port, Col de Puymorens, Prades, and the Marie Blanque. It is a challenging route and well respected for it's difficulty and has been in place since 1955. Pyrenean Pursuits offers support for the Raid and made all arrangements for us.

2002 Rocky Mountain 1200: A wonderful ride from Kamloops to Jasper, down the Icefields Highway to Banff and back across to Kamloops. Spectacular scenery, awesome support and a very small field of riders make this a special ride. Weather can run the gamut and one should be prepared for remote self-sufficiency, especially at night.

Seattle International Randonneurs

Ride Reports

Lessons learned: A wonderful season riding a full series successfully - enjoyed it too! Made two PRs and rode about 4 different bikes to make things interesting.

100 km Populaire
Spring 200 km
400 km
NW Crank
600 km
Three Volcanoes 300km

2009 None!
Lessons learned: Another year lost due to a herniated disk and bone growth in my neck vertebra. Finally had surgery and recovered enough to do some running races and my first triathlon. Back on the bike again!

2008 RUSA 10th Anniversary 200 km
One time only - and one of the warmest days of the year to boot.

2008 Circling the Hood Fleche
24 hours of fun!

2007 PBP Ride Report
(94:00 hrs - hors delay)
Epic in every way. Lessons learned: Never quit.

2007 SIR 400 km Ride Report
(19:03 hrs SIR Arlington/Marblemount/Sumas/Birch Bay/Whitney)
Beautiful ride! Lessons learned: Better to start slow and make each 100 km faster than the one before. Excellent flat route and really nice day.

2006 SIR 300 km Ride Report
(14:29 hrs SIR Hood Canal/Tahuya Hills)
Awesome ride! Lessons learned: Nothing. Loved every minute and rode the Heron as a single speed. All 2006 rides except the 1000 km were done on the SS.

2005 Populaire, 200 km and 300 km
Lessons learned: No reports, but the rides were good and I was simply happy to ride again.

2004 Off Pave Populaire
(77 km)
Lessons learned: Enjoy when you CAN ride. Only event of the year due to a herniated disk in my neck. Brutal down year after 2003 and a long recovery.

2003 Paris-Brest-Paris Ride Report
(1225 km in about 83 hours)
Lessons learned: Try not to jump into speeding pacelines in the first 24 hours...get some Pepcid for stomach reflux issues. Go lighter, one wool jersey and one poly, one less pair of socks, less tools and tubes. Need larger shoes with metatarsal bumps. Get S&S couplings to save money on domestic flying ($80-90 each way)!

2003 Raid Pyreneen Ride Report
(98 hrs)
Lessons learned: Learn to love heat. Found I am quite adept at wicked fast descents and that became my persona during the week. Pavement really does melt!

2003 SIR 300 km Ride Report
(15:44 hrs Mukilteo, Bellingham, Lake Cavanugh, Granite Falls)
Wet and enjoyable riding with old friends and new. Lessons learned: Keeping a good strong pace consistently is better for time savings, even in less than ideal conditions. Sometimes taking the time to mentor a new rider gives additional meaning to the spirit of randonneuring. Waterproof overmitts would be helpful and so would one more layer of wool!

2002 Rocky Mountain 1200 km Ride Report
(81:33 hrs Kamloops, BC-Jasper-Lake Louise-Kamloops)
25,000+ ft of climbing, heat, headwinds and one of the best damn trips I've ever had. My first 1200 km and one I will always remember. Great people and a good chance to test the limits of not training. Truly mind over matter. Lessons learned: Polysporin and ibuprophen rule! A good bike fit goes a long way toward making a good ride. A positive attitude is essential. This is supposed to be fun!

2002 600 km Ride Report
(36:43 hrs SIR 4 Passes)
Long, between 15,000-20,000 ft of climbing and serious headwinds on the east side. Lessons learned: Ride more! I enjoy coasting but miss the simplicity of one gear...maybe a single-speed instead of a fixed will be the answer sometime!

2002 300 km Ride Report
(14:30 hrs SIR Hood Canal/Tahuya Hills)
This was a very wet, but wonderful ride! Lessons learned: Get a better fitting pair of gloves. On the steeper climbs my palms were getting worn raw from the abrating movement of wet loose gloves. Need to find a little plastic bag that covers my computer but isn't too tight to cause it to force moisture inside. Can't forget my front bag raincover, booties and fleece Gore-Tex cycling cap next time!

2001 600 km Ride Report
(33:12 hrs over Stevens, Washington & Rainy Passes)
A fabulous ride and route! Perfect overcast weather and not too hot or cold. Dry skies and beautiful scenery. Tailwinds for the first half, headwinds for the last half. Mark Thomas organized this ride and it went through all of my favorite places so my hats off to him for a great route! Lessons learned: Get better padded gloves (forgot that from the 400 km). Carry less clothing and food. Need to be more aerodynamic and lighter to battle the winds.

2001 400 km Ride Report
(21:00 hrs over White, Chinook & Cayuse Passes)
This was my first ride ever over 250 miles. Made it in by 2AM, just like I had predicted, but after being ahead of schedule for most of the day, I lost most of that in the last 100 miles. Temperature ranged from nearly 100 degrees near Selah, WA to a cool Chinook summit crossing at midnight. Lessons learned: Let the bike carry the load. Eat more salt. Time to start using carbo liquids of some sort. Get better padded gloves.

2001 300 km
(13:21 hrs SIR Hood Canal/Tahuya Hills)
This route wound up through my neck of the woods, so I knew much of it. Felt strong and the Raleigh just cruised. The 9000 ft. of climbing wasn't too difficult, just alot of it, and the scenery was spectacular around the canal. A few headwinds from Union to Belfair and rode into Winslow just after dark. Lessons learned: Keep the 26t granny ring on. Swap out the B17 (too wide) for a Team Pro.

2001 200 km
(12 hrs SIR Renton-Eatonville)
This was a grand day, with rain, rain and more rain, then some clearing in the afternoon. I went off course twice and added another 50 km to the ride. Finally stopped at a fire station and they pointed us in the right direction. Enjoyed a huge feast and warm hospitality at Greg Cox's house. Lessons learned: Pay attention to road signs and mileage. Trust your inner instinct. Don't follow people.

2001 100 km Populaire (Fun/Intro ride to Snoqualmie Falls)
Good time to get introduced to the SIR folks and we enjoyed a nice ride to the falls with part of the road closed to cars from earthquake damage. How nice! Lessons learned: The shorter the ride, the longer the que sheet.